Controlling for Beginners

Controlling for Beginners

Controlling for Beginners – The most important basics in just 2 days! Product No. C08

Your benefit:

  • What you need to know about controlling!
  • Safe handling of company key figures
  • Support the boss in controlling – prepare the Buisness assessment properly
  • The boss report: simply evaluate and display key figures

Controlling for Beginners

Controlling for Beginners – What you need to know about controlling!

  • The controlling organization in the company – how does it fit together?
  • Definition of key terms: profitability, profitability, productivity, EBIT, liquidity, cash flow
  • Which tasks does controlling include?
  • Procedures in operational and strategic controlling
  • What is expected from the controller? – The interface between divisions and management

The participants receive: + S & P Guide: “Business Administration Basic Knowledge”


Safe handling of company key figures – Controlling for Beginners

  • The financial statements: The most important information at a glance
  • Analysis of the balance sheet, profit and loss and liquidity: simple, transparent and understandable
  • Preparation of a management report with a view to the essentials
  • Company analysis with the key figures for the respective industries
  • Price calculation: cost accounting, contribution margin and break-even

The participants receive:
+ S & P Checklist: “The most important business key figures”
+ S & P business planning and rating tool according to banking standard
+ Analysis of your own company: In addition, we give you an internationally recognized rating with industry comparison and the most important ones
Key figures on your own business.

Supporting the boss in controlling – preparing the business analysis correctly

  • Budget Planning: Who gets how much and why?
  • The BWA: What are their essential components?
  • Read, interpret and interpret BWA correctly
  • Case study training with sample BWA’s of various industries
  • The important key figures at a glance

The participants receive:
+ S & P Checklist: “Recognizing Outliers in the BWA”
+ Practice checklists and plausibility checks for the “BWA nach Bankenstandard”


The boss report: simply evaluate and display key figures – Controlling for Beginners

  • Reporting for controllers: receiver-oriented preparation and preparation of company data
  • Target / Actual Comparisons: Simple tips for performing variance analysis
  • Reporting of key figures – Controlling-oriented reporting
  • Monthly cost center and cost unit accounting
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and undesirable developments at an early stage

The participants receive:
+ S & P pattern for the chief report with the key figures


Finance, Accounting & Controlling – Seminar Controlling for beginners

Executives, also from non-commercial areas and employees in the areas of finance, accounting and controlling will find suitable seminars here. So you will be in the seminars controlling for executives, finance and liquidity management, liquidity planning compact, read balances correctly – understand – control, planning & controlling compact, or even the “entrepreneur” financial statements for the area of ​​finance, accounting & controlling comprehensively. In addition, we offer you a comprehensive training in the seminars Controlling – Leading Employees – Succeeding Success, Corporate Management, Read Balances, Financial Management and Liquidity Planning or Controlling.

Company Evaluation & Succession – Seminar Controlling for Beginners

How can the “best price” be achieved for one’s own life’s work? In the seminars Corporate Sales & Succession, Company Valuation & Succession and Company Valuation, you will receive an overview of the relevant parameters of company valuation and useful tips to best limit liability risks in the sales or purchase process. In addition, our legal experts will explain the various control and steering options in the succession process. Also, will you be successful in the seminars of corporate succession, What is the value of my company? and successful generation change while helping to find the right successor directly and discreetly. They are looking for support for the implementation. Visit our information service S & P Business Coaching.


Controlling for Beginners

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