Controlling for Executives

Controlling for Executives

Controlling for Executives – S & P Training Seminar – Product-No. C07

  • From planning through Business assessment to the successful management of the company
  • The right planning: building safe and reliable financial and liquidity planning

The topics Business assessment

Controlling for Executives

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Active Control and not just manage. In our information blog you will find tips on what you should look out for in the corporate management with key figures:

  • Tasks in controlling
  • Instruments in Controlling – the most important things at a glance
  • Control companies actively
  • What does a controller deserve?

Target Group – Controlling for Executives

  • Managing directors, technical managing directors, sales managers and board members
  • Authorized signatories, authorized representatives, sales executives, new as managing director, new as manager


Your benefit – controlling for executives

Day 1:

  • Set screws of corporate planning
  • BWA as a steering instrument
  • Professional in the bank conversation

Day 2:

  • Liquidity and Financial Planning – Guide to Practice
  • More liquidity through active cash management

Your advantage – controlling for executives

The participants receive the following S & P products:

1. S & P corporate planning tool according to banking standard
2. S & P liquidity planning tool according to banking and auditor standard
3. In addition, we provide you with a current rating of your own company
4. You receive checklists for
+ optimal control of the company
+ secure planning of liquidity


Set screws of corporate planning – controlling for executives

> Compact entry: Fundamentals of controlling
> Strategic and operational controlling: translate goals into measurable values
> The three steps of a solid annual plan
> Determining the key balance sheet key figures using case studies
> Break-even calculation: identification of strengths, weaknesses and undesirable developments
> Monthly reporting and early warning system


The participants receive:
“S & P Tool Enterprise Planning and Control” as well
“Balanced Scorecard and SWOT analysis with key figures”


Buisness assessment as a controlling instrument – controlling for executives

> What are the essential components of a Business assessment?
> Correctly map inventories and inventory changes in the Business assessment
> Keep the company on course with the Business assessment
> Check contribution margins and costing surcharges with the help of the Business assessment
> Strategic controlling with benchmarking and industry comparison
> Business assessment as an impetus for entrepreneurial decisions


The participants receive the following S & P products:

+ Case study training with business evaluations
+ “20 points check for a meaningful BWA”


Professional in bank talks – controlling for executives

> Convincingly answer typical bank questions
> Properly presenting the company’s future prospects – what are the requirements of the banks?
> Correctly inform banks, credit insurers and credit bureaus
> What do you have to pay attention to when conducting credit and collateral negotiations?


The participants receive the following S & P products:

+ S & P checklists for optimal preparation of credit and debit
security negotiations
+ S & P Practice Guide to the Bank Report and Checklists for
Avoid rating traps

Program 2 Seminar Day – Controlling for Executives

Liquidity and Financial Planning – Guide to Practice – Controlling for Executives

> What tasks does financial planning have in day-to-day business?
> Structure payment flows and calculate plan data correctly
> Determining the liquidity ratios using case studies
> Build a reliable risk and liquidity early warning system
> Plan liquidity – secure cash flow – avoid surprises

The participants receive the following S & P products:

+ S & P Tool Liquidity planning and control according to banking and investment management
Auditors Standard
+ Practice cases are trained. The participants get concrete insights for the development of their own liquidity planning.


More liquidity through active cash management – controlling for executives

> Deposits and withdrawals over time
> Liquidity status, liquidity planning and movement balance
> Working capital: central to controlling structural liquidity
> Goal: Proper planning of deposits and withdrawals

The participants receive the following S & P products:

+ S & P checklists for secure liquidity management


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Controlling for Executives

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