Decision-making authority for executives

Decision-making authority for executives

Decision-making authority for executives – S & P Seminar – Product-No. E10

Choosing the right methods effectively and safely

  • Do you have a lot of responsibility in everyday life?
  • You often have to decide under pressure, recognize problems, deliver solutions?
  • How can you convince others of your choices through the right communication?
  • What is manipulation? How do you handle it correctly?
  • How do you resist manipulation attempts?
  • What set screws are there to make decisions safely in complex situations?

Decision-making authority for executives

Target Group: Decision-making authority for executives

Executives, project managers, managers, self-employed people, managing directors and anyone who wants to become safer and faster in their decision-making.


Your benefit: decision-making authority for executives

> Decide and communicate confidently in four steps

> Easier to detect and defend against manipulation

> Make the right decisions in difficult situations and take responsibility


Your advantage: Decision-making authority for executives

Each participant receives the following S & P products with the seminar:

+ S & P Test: Do you know Ibr decision-making?
+ Checklist: The 7 Most Effective Decision Making Techniques
+ S & P Guide: Safe handling of manipulation
+ Checklist: The 7 biggest decision traps
+ S & P Guide: Successful negotiation in difficult situations
+ S & P Test: Evaluate your own communication strengths


Decide and communicate confidently in four steps

> Me or us? Successful decision – alone and in a team

> Expectations of supervisors and employees – successfully resolve conflicting goals

> Fear of mistakes: The right way to handle mistakes is not art!

> Convincingly communicate decisions through effective communication

The participants receive:

+ S & P Guide: “Decide and communicate in four steps”
+ S & P test: “Do you know your decision-making behavior?”
+ S & P Leadership Checklist: “The 7 Most Effective Decision-Making Techniques”


Properly argue and convince – decision-making authority for executives

> The 4 basic strategies of manipulation – what is the intent of the manipulator?

> Mastering emotions, wrong tracks and blockages confidently

> Understanding and using psychological mechanisms and techniques

> Keep a clear head in the negotiation poker

> Practical cases on the most frequent manipulation attempts

The participants receive concrete suggestions as to what options for action they have, how to maintain their borders and stay in control of the situation.


Decide correctly in difficult situations and take responsibility

> Take decisive action and decide unerringly – especially when things need to be done quickly

> Avoid typical decision-making traps or deliberately resolve them

> Safe assessment of the scope of decisions

> Confident behavior – the alpha and omega of compelling communication

Selected practical cases will be discussed. The participants receive suggested solutions for successful negotiations in difficult situations.

Seminars and seminar locations – decision-making authority for executives

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decision-making authority for executives


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