Digitization in sales

Digitization in sales

Digitization in Sales – S & P Seminar – Product-No. G11 – The future of sales – now exploit potential

  • Digitization is a key strategic issue
  • Business model and organization will change as a result of digitization
  • Personnel and leadership development plays a key role in digitization
  • Make a digital organization productive – what does it matter?

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Digitization in sales


Target group – digitization in sales

> Entrepreneurs, owners, managing directors, board members, authorized signatories, sales managers
Sales Manager, Sales Engineer, Sales Manager, Key Account Manager;

Your benefit – digitalization in sales

> Industry 4.0 calls for a rethink in B2B sales
> Successful digitization of sales processes
> 5 steps to digital sales

Industry 4.0 calls for a rethink in B2B sales

> Simple, fast and convenient: how has digitization changed the buying process?
> Opportunity Digitalisation: How can sales and distribution best benefit from digitization?
> Communication 4.0: Addressing customers with the right communication channels in digital sales
> Digital division of tasks: key contracts and target agreements for marketing and sales
The participants receive the following S & P products for direct implementation in practice:
+ S & P Tool Design a digital business model
+ S & P Guide: Agile Project Management with the Google Sprint

Successful digitization of sales processes

> Online research: How is digitization changing customer identification, analysis and customer evaluation?
> Digitally increase customer contact: What do newsletters, blog posts and tweets do?
> Individual customer information: provide product information online, FAQ lists, video tutorials, online and email support
> Industry examples: digital distribution in plant engineering, wholesale, construction, logistics and service providers

In 5 steps to digital sales – digitization in sales

> Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Will your own company be found on Google?
> Digital Sales Support: Sales App? B2B Webshop? Digital catalog?
> Rethinking Information for Customers: Webinars, Downloads, YouTube Videos, Virtual Reality Offers and Simulators
> Social CRM: Discover, analyze, address and monitor customers in XING and Linkedin
Case studies and training
+ S & P Check: Online sales with social media

Your contact person – digitization in sales

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