Risk-bearing capacity – SREP – ICAAP

Risk-bearing capacity – SREP – ICAAP

Risk-bearing capacity – SREP – ICAAP – Product-No. A 06



  • Realignment Risk-bearing capacity – Capital planning process – Supervisory requirements with ICAAP
  • Transfer system liquid
  • Adaptation limit system with TLAC / MREL

BaFin adopted the final version of MaRisk 2017 on 27.10.2017. You can find the most important points right here in our information blog. The conversion has to be done for the next improvements until 31.10.2018.

SREP and ICAAP in practice: SREP stands for the supervisory review and evaluation process. ICAAP is the technical term for the internal capital adequacy assessment process. But what is it now? Below you will find the key information for implementing the SREP and ICAAP requirements in the practice of risk management.


Target Group – Risk-bearing capacity – SREP – ICAAP

  • Inventories, directors and executives at banks, savings banks and cooperative banks
  • Manager and specialists in the areas of compliance, risk management, overall bank management and internal audit


Your benefit – Risk – bearing capacity – SREP – ICAAP

  • New requirements for risk controlling function –
  • Involvement in important risk policy decisions
  • Forward-looking capital planning process with SREP and ICAAP
  • Management and monitoring of liquidity risks



Your advantage – Risk-bearing capacity – SREP – ICAAP

Each customer costs the following S & P products free of charge:
+ S & P Checklist “Implementation of MaRisk 2017”
+ 128-point check: Check liquidity risk and liquidity risk management
+ S & P Tool: Liquidity Price Simulator
+ S & P checklist: 105-point check for risk-bearing capacity
+ S & P Tool: Basel III Simulator for optimal balance sheet structure according to CRD IV and CRR



Seminar Price – Risk-bearing capacity – SREP – ICAAP

Price: 690, – £ excl. 19% VAT.

Included in the price:
Participants documents as PDF,  3-course meal, coffee, tea, Soft drinks and Snacks in the breaks



Risk-bearing capacity - SREP - ICAAP



New requirements for the risk controlling function – integration in important risk policy decisions

> Proper business organization § 25a KWG as advance notification for internal risk management
> Innovations in the supervisory authority Bank-internal risk-bearing capacity concepts
> Extended aspects of the risk controlling officer
> Process reviews for risk-relevant limit approvals – Identification of the relevant decision-making processes


Each participant receives the S & P guide:
+ Implementation of the new MaRisk
+ S & P Check: Reportable requirements AT 4.1 and AT 4.2




Future – oriented capital planning process with SREP and ICAAP – Risk – bearing capacity – SREP – ICAAP

> New tasks for calculating risk-bearing capacity?
> News in the areas of risk measurement and limitation
> Traffic lights and warning systems: Optimal interlocking of process and control impulses
> Creation of different scenarios in the capital planning process
> New regulations for the border system with TLAC / MREL


Each participant receives the S & P guide:
+ S & P tool “Basel III-Simulator” for the optimal balance sheet structure according to CRD IV and CRR
+ S & P checklist: 105-point check for risk-bearing capacity



Management and Monitoring of Liquidity Risk – Risk – bearing capacity – SREP – ICAAP

> Indebted fluid safety requirements
> Establishment of a MaRisk-compliant settlement system – Implementation of the 5 main CEBS guidelines
> Simple clearing systems for institutions with small-scale customer business and stable refinancing base
> Selection of optimal valuation and transfer prices
> Diversification of refinancing sources and liquidity reserves
> Refinancing plan: integration of strategy, risk appetite, business model and survival horizon
> Memory of liquidity reserves in normal market phases and periods of stress


Each partner receives:
+ Sample instruction for liquidity risk management.
+ S & P tools “Liquidity Price Verification System Group 2” and / or “Liquidity Price Verification System Group 3”.


MaRisk – CRD IV – CRR – Risk – bearing capacity – SREP – ICAAP

Your training program New MaRisk – CRD IV – CRR – §25KWG new, MaRisk-compliant clearing system for liquidity costs, New MaRisk and New compliance function according to MaRisk Learn which due diligence the employees must fulfill with compliance and risk controlling functions Implementation of MaRisk, Implement CRD IV, CRR and §25 KWG into practice. Furthermore, you will receive current practice guides and simulation tools for a safe and timely implementation of the CRD IV and CRR requirements.
Our Practice Seminar on Money Laundering and Fraud – Postgraduate Studies, Money Laundering & Fraud – Update and Money Laundering & Fraud – Forum will provide you with a comprehensive overview of current legal regulations and customer information, to detect, evaluate and audit timely fraudulent and fraudulent structures. In Compliance Seminars such as Compliance, Compliance for Sales Representatives, New Compliance Function in accordance with MaRisk or also Compliance, the Compliance, Data Protection, IT, Central Office and Internal Audit are specified. The minimum requirements for setting up an overall ICS are also explained here by way of example.
You have the opportunity to complete the Compliance Officer, AML & Fraud Officer or Money Laundering Officer after completing your studies.

Risk-bearing capacity - SREP - ICAAP


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