Money laundering Internal Audit

Money laundering Internal Audit

Money laundering Internal Audit – Money laundering and white-collar crime: Are you prepared for external audits and investigations? Basic Seminar – Book S & P Seminar – Product-No. L13



Your benefit – Learning objectives of the seminar:

  • Top prepared for the money laundering review of regulators
  • Legal security as an Internal Auditor on money laundering and white-collar crime
  • Investigations and criminal proceedings: What you as a money laundering officer and internal audit should know and pay attention to?


Money laundering Internal Audit – Are you prepared for external audits and investigations?

Target Group – Economic Crime – Safe Crisis Management Basic Seminar:



Managing directors, board members at banks, financial service providers, insurance companies, leasing and factoring companies and supervisory board members.
Internal Audit, Money Laundering Officers, Deputy Money Laundering Officers, Compliance Professionals and Executives, and Central Office.



Do you have questions about proof of expertise for money laundering officers? Current information on the expertise and duties of the money laundering officer can be found in our information blog.



Money laundering Internal Audit



Program – Money laundering Internal Audit: Are you prepared for external audits and investigations?



Top prepared for the money laundering review of regulators

Current requirements and interpretations of the new Money Laundering Act
Examination of the risk management according to §4 GwG – what must the commissioners, the internal audit and the responsible management body pay attention to?
Carry out the recording, classification and evaluation of customer, product, transaction and country risks
Derive research and control actions from the risk classification in a verifiable manner
§15 GwG Reinforced due diligence: assessment of the source of funds
3 test steps in practice:
– Asset inflow: Source of Income
– Asset status: Source of Wealth
– Asset transfer: Source of Funds
Suspected smurfing, structuring and other obfuscation – What to do?
Possibilities to assess the economic substance of a company or business model
Audit assurance for internal audit and less labor with our assessment tools:
+ S & P checklists for the targeted determination of the beneficial owner
+ S & P case studies for the analysis of ownership and control structures
+ S & P case studies: Key figures and interpretation aids for non-balance sheet analysts



Legal security in money laundering and white-collar crime

Civil Law – Criminal Law: The main distinguishing features
Liability of the Management Board and senior employees towards their company
Real tortious liability: injunctive relief, agent liability, fine catalog § 56 GwG and association fine §30 OWiG
Organization and delegation in the company: criminal responsibility of the employees
Enforcement of civil and criminal claims
The participants receive:
+ S & P Handbook “Prevention of money laundering and fraud”
+ S & P Guide Behavior in cases of fraud
+ S & P Check: rights and obligations in preliminary proceedings



Investigation and Criminal Procedure: What you as a Money Laundering Officer and Internal Auditor should know and pay attention to!

Dealing with the accused, suspects, witnesses and defenders
Rights and Duties of Accused and Witnesses
Procedures of the investigating authorities in practice
Proper instruction and interrogation protocol – what does internal audit have to observe?
Use the right tactics for interrogations as internal audit
Provide evidence: search, seizure and pre-trial detention
+ Case studies directly from the law practice for criminal law
+ Direct exchange and discussion with the second speaker, lawyer for criminal law – Negotiation strategies can be discussed in practice.
Financial Audit Training Program Internal Audit
Are you interested in a certification as a money laundering officer?
Select the appropriate seminar from our training program Money Laundering Officer. Four seminars designed specifically for Money Laundering Officers, Deputy Money Laundering Officers, Central Personnel and Newly Money Laundering Officers.



Money Laundering Audit Internal Audit – Seminar Compliance and Money Laundering Officer

The new Money Laundering Act 2017 with a click to download. The law on the detection of profits from serious criminal offenses (AMLA) requires the obligated that internal safeguards must be taken to prevent money laundering. Internal safeguards include the appointment of a money laundering officer either directly by law or by order of the competent authorities.
The duties of the Money Laundering Officer include, among others: the further development and implementation of the internal control system for the prevention of money laundering, terrorist financing and criminal acts and for compliance with all relevant embargo provisions. In addition to the conceptual development of a risk assessment, a risk-oriented monitoring plan is to be derived by the money laundering officer. Our Money Laundering & Fraud – Compact Package for Money Laundering Officers enables the acquisition and proof of the expert client for the Money Laundering Officer and the stv. Money laundering officer.



Compliance & Money Laundering Officer – Money Laundering Audit Internal Audit

Our practice seminars Money Laundering and Fraud – Basic Seminar, Money Laundering and Fraud – Advanced Seminar, Money Laundering & Fraud – Update and Money Laundering & Fraud – Forum provide you with a comprehensive overview of the current legal innovations and help you to recognize, evaluate and avoid money laundering and fraud structures to prevent in time. In the compliance seminars such as compliance, compliance for sales representatives, new compliance function according to MaRisk or also compliance in the focus of banking supervision, the design of the interfaces between compliance, data protection, IT, central office and internal audit will be explained to you. The minimum requirements for setting up an overall ICS are also explained in greater detail here, for example. Further information on the transparency register and the associated compliance obligations is currently available in our training courses.
You will also have the opportunity to complete the certification training courses as Compliance Officer, AML & Fraud Officer or Money Laundering Officer after attending the seminars.

Money laundering Internal Audit


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