Proper leadership in sales

Proper leadership in sales

Proper leadership in sales – S & P seminar – Product No. G 07

Proper leadership in sales


Fully exploit potential – Increase sales – Safely achieve sales goals – Proper leadership in sales

> Dynamic sales teams require special leadership!
In our seminar we show you different leadership styles and their effect on the sales success.
> The decisive behaviors have to be exemplified. Which management tools have proven themselves in everyday sales?
> What sets a dynamic sales team apart?
> What development phases does each team go through?
We show you how to achieve more success and higher motivation with the right strategy.

Target Group – Proper Leadership in Sales

Managing directors, authorized signatories, sales managers, sales executives,
Sales, customer service and key account management employees.

Your benefit – Proper leadership in sales

> Is there “right” or “wrong” leadership in sales?
> How to build a winning team in sales?
> Safely achieving sales goals: Use of efficient management tools
> Conduct feedback discussions with the sales team effectively
> Numerous tips and tricks for the practice help you with the correct use of target agreements, performance incentives and feedback discussions

Your advantage – Proper leadership in sales

Each participant receives the following S & P products
+ Leadership and living leadership
+ Leading dynamic sales teams
+ Formulate SMART goals
+ Optimal use of leadership and sales experience

Seminars and seminar locations – Proper leadership in sales

You will find our seminars “True Leadership in Sales” in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Münster, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig, Dresden, Stuttgart, Munich, London, Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck. The next dates can be found under seminar dates.
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Program – True Leadership in Sales

Is there “right” or “wrong” leadership in sales?

> Leadership: an overview of the different styles and competencies of a successful sales manager
> Involve employees and participate in the sales goals
> Role conflicts – expectations of the leader
> Assessment of the situation and appropriate management style
> Differentiation of employee types according to DISG concept
The participants receive the following S & P products
+ Case studies to select the “right” leadership style
+ Checklists on “Leadership” and “Leadership”

How do you build a winning team in sales?

> Key phases in the development of a sales team
> Use motivators to ensure sales success
> Set performance incentives correctly, increase performance, maintain high performance levels
> 10 characteristics of a winning team
The participants receive the following S & P products
+ Case study to build high performance teams
+ Checklists on “Leading High Performance Teams”

Use of efficient management tools – Proper leadership in sales

> Lead sales people with goals and formulate goals correctly
> Review goals using the SMART criteria
> Five target types for an effective target agreement
> Get the right sales people on board, inspire them for the products and tie them to the company
> You have to negotiate again and again – negotiating strategies at a glance
> How does fact-based negotiation work?
> Developing objective and neutral assessment criteria
The participants receive the following S & P products
+ Case studies on typical leadership and negotiation situations in sales
+ Case study: target agreement discussions lead to success
+ formulate the checklist “SMART goals”

Effectively Conduct Feedback Talks With The Sales Team – Proper Leading In Sales

> Optimal preparation and execution of the appraisal and target discussion
> Stay in effective dialogue with your own salespeople
> Anchor sales targets with feedback discussions!
> A “lived” goal and customer orientation is no coincidence!
> Winning teams have special requirements for the manager
> Use leadership force purposefully
The participants receive the following S & P products
+ the checklist “Optimal use of leadership strengths in sales”

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