Purchase – basic seminar

Purchase – basic seminar

Purchase – basic seminar – S & P seminar – compact knowledge for buyers


Supplier Coring – Skillful Negotiation – How To Improve Your Performance As A Buyer

  • Recognize potential in purchasing and use it properly
  • Reduce risks for your own company: We show you how to assess the creditworthiness of your suppliers quickly and reliably
  • Tips for the perfect shopping conversation
  • Achieve your shopping goals through consistent communication and negotiation



Target Group – Purchasing – Basic Seminar

  • Managing directors, board members, authorized signatories, purchasing managers,
  • Employees from the purchasing department, technical director



Your benefit – Purchase – Basic seminar

  • Building a simple and reliable supplier tarting
  • Sovereign negotiation and communication – Better prices, better terms and more service
  • Actively negotiate instead of buying passively



Your lead – purchasing – basic seminar

Each participant receives the following S & P products with the seminar:
+ Scoring tool for creating the supplier rating
+ S & P Guide: Professional development of supplier selection
+ S & P Test: Safe handling of manipulations
+ S & P Guide: Successful negotiation in difficult situations
+ S & P Test: Assess your own communication strengths



Seminar Price – Purchase – basic seminar

Price: 590, – £ excl. 19% VAT.

Included in the price:
Participants documents as PDF,  3-course meal, coffee, tea, Soft drinks and Snacks in the breaks




Purchase - basic seminar



Program – competent in purchasing



Construction of a simple and fast supplier catering – purchasing – basic seminar

> Price, quality, creditworthiness & Co: According to which criteria do you select suppliers?
> Assess the creditworthiness of the supplier with the decisive key figures accurately
> Carry out supplier scoring for national and international suppliers quickly and safely
> Optimal integration of purchasing into the liquidity management of your own company



The participants will receive the following S & P products:
“S & P scoring tool for creating supplier evaluation”



Sovereign negotiation and communication – Better prices, more favorable terms of delivery and more service – Competent in purchasing

> Make decisions and convincingly negotiate through effective communication
> Target-oriented negotiation strategies for demanding supplier talks
> Gain security – techniques for effective reasoning
> Confident behavior – the alpha and omega of strong communication



The participants will receive the following S & P products with the seminar price
+ “Prepare supplier talks properly”
+ “Guide: Deciding and communicating in 4 steps”



Active bargaining instead of passive shopping – competent in purchasing

> Set and enforce price negotiation margins for purchasing
> Expose tricks professional seller and steer cleverly
> Safe handling of objections and disagreements
> Make the supplier a partner through constructive dialogue



Participants receive case studies and guides for successful supplier discussions



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Purchase - basic seminar


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