Quality Management update – Seminar

Quality Management update – Seminar

Quality Management Update – Product-No. Q02



Your benefit:

Day 1:
  • Principles of quality management
  • Targeted use of quality management tools
  • Try new ideas and quickly get to market



Day 2:
  • What makes change projects?
  • Agile project management with Scrum & Co.
  • Sprint: How to test new ideas and solve problems in just five days


Target Group – Quality Management Update:

  • Board / management, authorized signatories and commercial management.
  • Specialists and executives as well as representatives from the areas of quality management



Quality Management update - Seminars



Day 1: Quality Management Update



Principles of quality management

  • What culture does a lean company need?
  • The most important success drivers in quality management
  • Toyota Production System – Lessons Learned for your own industry
  • Identify and reduce delay costs (cost of delay)
  • Tasks of the Management: Managing Dynamics in the Company
  • The lean trap and how to dodge it
S & P test: Does your company need a work-out? Use of the General Electrics Success Tool



Targeted use of quality management tools

  • Make Lean principles a habit
  • Describe and solve problems: 6W – Questioning techniques
  • The 5S method: safe, clean and clear
  • Error prevention with Poka Yoke, FMEA and TQM
  • M7 – seven management tools for quality assurance
  • Reduce set-up times in a team with SMED
  • CIP / KAIZEN – targeted improvement of processes
S & P Guide: Quality Management in the Enterprise



Try out new ideas and quickly get to market – Quality Management Update

  • How leadership can help make Lean a habit
  • Leading teams in the change process correctly
  • Define, implement and empower Leane goals
  • Lean communication – another communication is the best way
  • The visualization board: KPIs and goals for more agility
S & P Checklist: Leane Goals SMART
S & P Test: How professional are you managing your team?
S & P test: In which team phase are we?



Day 2: Quality Management Update



What makes change projects?

  • Changing the company – building a culture of innovation
  • Special attention: fears, resistance? Acceptance!
  • Order clarification with the owner: Obtain commitment!
  • Embedding in the overall change – interface analysis
  • Set roles in the change project
  • Create flow and establish a pull system
S & P Guide: Moderation with System
S & P test: How professional are you managing changes?



Agile Project Management with Scrum & Co. – Quality Management Update

  • Create an agile company
  • How agile project management works
  • More flexibility in the project – use of agile techniques
  • Project requirements under control: Use Cases, Burn-Down Charts & Co.
  • The mix makes it: combination of agile techniques
  • The cooperation in agile teams
  • Project Manager and Scrum Master as team coaches
S & P Guide: Moderation with System
S & P Test: How well do you master the moderation techniques?



Sprint: How to test new ideas and solve problems in just five days

  • How does the Google Design Sprint work?
  • Monday: Create your route plan
  • Tuesday: recombine and improve
  • Wednesday: Rumble – two possible alternatives in the test
  • Thursday: How to create your prototype
  • Friday: Personal conversation instead of Big Data
S & P Guide: Tools for the Google Sprint



New Data Protection Act DS-GVO – Seminar Data Protection – Seminar Quality Management Update

Major changes to the European General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) are the following 10 points. In the future, the market place principle, so-called spatial scope, new principles of data processing, a list of all data processing activities, the extension of information obligations, the right to be forgotten, “protection of personal data of children, data protection impact assessment, the principle of” one-stop-shop “, the stricter reporting obligation of “data breaches” as well as significantly tightened sanctions and fines. With our seminar series Data protection in the company you receive all innovations compactly prepared. They are looking for support for the implementation. Visit our information service S & P Business Coaching.

Quality Management update - Seminar

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