Successful assistance

Successful assistance

Successful Assistance – S & P Seminar  – Product-No. F01
Do you want to fulfill your role as a “co-pilot” of your boss even better and be enthusiastic about new tasks?
With our seminar, you will be able to expand your specialist and practical skills and be able to face the daily requirements more calmly and confidently.



Convince by expertise and communication.

> More success through self-organization
> Manage meetings confidently and ensure high-quality results
> Quickly record the main items of the income statement and the balance sheet
> What significance does the BWA have for corporate management?
> Key figures at a glance – Building an effective control and early warning system



Target Group – Successful Assistance

Management and board assistants, office managers, as well as area secretaries and project assistants.



Your benefit – Successful assistance

Day 1: Communicate successfully
> Office organization & self-management
> Communicate successfully and act confidently
> The Team of Two – perfect cooperation with the boss
Day 2: Convincing with expertise
> Business Administration Basic Knowledge
> Light on the darkness of numbers: budget, BWA, balance sheet, profit and loss and liquidity
> Manage projects successfully



Your lead – successful assistance

Each participant receives:
+ S & P Checklist: The ABC Analysis – prioritizing priorities
+ S & P Test: Which time management type am I?
+ S & P test: assess your own communication strength
+ S & P Guide “Effective Chief Behavior”
+ S & P Guide “Business Administration Basic Knowledge”
+ S & P Checklists “The most important business metrics”
+ S & P sample agenda and sample log for project meetings



Seminar Price – Successful assistance

Price: 980, – £ excl. 19% VAT.

Included in the price:
Participants documents as PDF,  3-course meal, coffee, tea, Soft drinks and Snacks in the breaks



Successful assistance



Program 1. Seminar Day: Successful Assistance



Office organization and self-management

> More success through self-organization: managing your own workplace properly and optimizing workflows
> Identify priorities, communicate clearly and enforce others
> Distinguish between “Urgent” and “Important”
> Creating freedom: How do I deal with “time thieves”?
> Using, filtering and bundling information: Mastering the flood of information with confidence, optimally processing and passing on information
> “Let your net work” – Successful Networking: How Your Network Can Help You
The participants receive the following S & P products for direct implementation in practice:
+ S & P Checklist: How do I properly organize my workplace?
+ S & P Checklist: The ABC Analysis – prioritizing priorities
+ S & P test: Which time management type am I?



Communicate successfully and be confident – Part I

> Verbal and non-verbal communication: effect and targeted use
> Manage meetings confidently and ensure high-quality results
> Courage to “No-Saying” without further ado and bad conscience
> Constructively argue and convince conversation partners
> Make criticism appropriate to the situation and appropriate
> Personal handling of emotions and anger



Successful communication and self-confidence – Part II

> Master conflicts confidently and react calmly to personal attacks
> Being able to respond to different interlocutors: The DISG concept for determining different employee types
> Reflect on own behaviors and try behavioral alternatives
> Increase Assertiveness: Analyze your own strengths, drivers and resources
> Case studies: Together with the participants, solutions and negotiation strategies are developed for difficult conversational situations.
+ S & P test: assess your own communication strength
+ S & P Guide: Give Feedback – Take Feedback



The Team of Two: Successful teamwork of manager and assistant

> Effective cooperation and optimal coordination
> Recognize the need for discussion and coordination
> Special position between boss and employees: How you can confidently represent your own role and do not get caught between the fronts
> Be a competent “contact point” for third parties
> Represent the executive confidently
+ S & P Guide: “Effective Leadership”
+ S & P Guide: Building “healthy” self-confidence



Program 2. Seminar Day: Successful Assistance



Convincing with expertise

> Types of companies and their differences at a glance: GmbH, GmbH & Co. KG, AG
> Functional areas and their tasks: Marketing, Purchasing, Finance, Human Resources, Accounting
> Business terms and what they mean: key figures, cost types, cash flow, BWA, income statement
> New Management Techniques: Lean Management, Learning Company and Change Management
The participants receive the following S & P products for direct implementation in practice:
+ S & P Guide: “Business Administration Basic Knowledge”



Light into the darkness of numbers – Successful assistance

> Budget Planning: Who gets how much and why?
> The BWA: What are their essential components?
> Recognize strengths, weaknesses and undesirable developments on the basis of key figures at a glance
> The Financial Statements: Analysis of the Balance Sheet, P & L and Liquidity: Simple, Transparent and Understandable
> Establishment of a management report with a view to the essentials
> Company analysis with the key figures for the respective industries
> Pricing: Cost recovery, contribution margin, break even
+ S & P Checklist: “Recognizing Outliers in the BWA”
+ S & P Checklist: “The most important business key figures”



Manage projects successfully

> What is a project? What is project management?
> Start, plan and implement projects professionally
> Use and adapt project management methods, tools and techniques in a targeted manner
> Control costs, time and scope of the project and successfully bring projects to their destination
> Complete projects safely and learn from project experience
> Case studies: Together with the participants, practice cases are trained on different project phases. Checklists help with the
Implementation of tasks and roles in the project.
+ S & P sample agenda and sample log for project meetings
+ S & P Checklist: Successfully defining and communicating project goals



Your contact – Successful assistance
Do you have any questions about our seminar: Successful Assistance (S & P)? You need technical advice or would like to register? Our contact person is available to help and advice.
Department of Continuing Education
Telephone: +49 89 452 429 70 – 100
Fax: +49 89 452 429 70 – 299

Successful assistance


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